Tooling for Fastener Industries (Extrusion / Trap Extrusion Dies / Punches)

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Fastner Industries

Mikron Engineers manufactures all types of heading dies suitable for Fastener Industries. These are used for manufacturing headed screw, rivets, Pop up rivets, Bolts, Nuts, etc in different material. Complete solution for fastener tooling from Design, Manufacturing and Execution based on our experience can be shared with our customer.

The advantages of cold heading over conventional method, is higher production rate, no change in the properties of the base material since headed at cold stage and no loss of material and better finish.

We also manufacture housing for various machines such as Chunzu, Sacma, etc. Most of the sizes are in stock and can be supplied within 1-2 days.

The various types of profiles such has Extrusion, Pointing, Trap Extrusion, Countersunk, Washer face, etc are some of the regular manufacturing  products. Special dies with hexagon profiles are also manufactured.



Carbide Cutter / Quill and Finger

Cutter are used in Combination With quill and Finger to Cut the Slug and position in between the die and the Punch. With the success of Heading dies and customer recommendation Mikron Engineers started the development of Cutter, Quills and Finger.Different grades of Carbides have been developed for different application, thereby giving optimum performance of the tools. These tools are also manufactured for fasteners Industries.

In House ERP system has been followed to maintain entire process with all the necessary documentary evidence. Minimum stock level of all the fast moving items are maintained to reduce the delivery lead time to as low as 24 Hrs.